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Nil Nisi Cruce

Nothing But By The Cross

Jason Hackwith
15 May 1978
I'm the founder of Into the Flame Ministries, a graphic artist, a freelance website developer and consultant, a musician & songwriter, a poet, and (from what people tell me) a little bit odd. Scratch the surface, get to know me better.

I have too many hobbies to list and too little time to finish any of them; you name it and I've probably tried it. Currently, I'm exploring the fascinating world of time management.

As for adventure? I've been attacked by a wild hot plate, traded friendly nods with an Alaskan Brown Bear, spent the night in an abandoned mental hospital, and accidentally pulled a fire alarm. Not necessarily in that order.

I also write music from time to time, and play in a progressive bluegrass band called Wanigan.
12 stones, 2nd chapter of acts, alt.callahans, alwyn wall band, analog, anne mccaffrey, audio adrenaline, bagpipes, banjo, barry mcguire, bass, bible, bleach, burlap to cashmere, c.s. lewis, caedmon's call, camping, casting crowns, cats, cello, ceramics, choppers, chris rice, chris tomlin, christ, christian, christian music, christianity, christians, classical music, classics, coffee, cooking, darrell mansfield, dave matthews band, david crowder band, drawing, dulcimer, eastern washington, electronics, emily dickinson, faith, fantasy, fellowship, fiddle, fine wines, firefox, geeklog, god, good coffee, gospel, gourmet foods, grace, grammatrain, graphic design, guitar, guitars, hammond b3, harmonica, harry potter, home recording, ie sucks, if-david-were-a-thug, indie music, inspiration, jars of clay, jazz, jeremy camp, jesus, jesus christ, jesus movement, jesus music, jokes, keith green, keyboards, kutless, larry norman, laughing, les miserables, lewis & clark college, lewiston, lifehouse, local musicians, lord of the rings, love, mandolin, maranatha, mastering, matt redman, microbrews, music, musical instruments, musicals, musicians, narnia, nonviolence, oil painting, organ, painting, paul coleman trio, paul wright, pc3, petra, pfr, phil keaggy, photography, photoshop, php, piano, poetry, praise and worship, prayer, prose, puns, randy stonehill, reading, recording, reliant k, rich mullins, sanctified, sci-fi, science fiction, seattle, shaun groves, shawn mcdonald, singer/songwriters, singing, songwriting, swimming, synthesizer, t. s. eliot, the 60's, the 70's, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tim hughes, tolkien, urban exploration, vinyl records, viola, violin, violins, washington, waterdeep, web design, worship, writing, writing music, yard sales